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Densification, Inc. is a ground improvement contracting firm, specializing in dynamic compaction. For more than three decades, we have been offering property owners and developers a cost-effective solution for improving the ground whenever poor soils or questionable fills are encountered. We tirelessly work on establishing strong relationships between geotechnical consultants, general contractors, and project owners as we consistently solve complex ground improvement issues.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Densification

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+1 (540) 882-4404

Dynamic Compaction

Dynamic Compaction is the introduction of multiple passes of high-energy impacts at ground level by repeatedly dropping steel tampers of 6 to 30 tons from drop heights of 30 to 100 feet. This high-level impact creates a shock wave that increases and improves the density of the soil and reduces the void ratio, exposing loose zones and soft spots throughout the process.  This can reduce or eliminate the need for off-site soil removal and expensive ground improvement or deep foundation options.


Our management team has developed a deep understanding that real success in the construction industry is based on strong personal relationships. As a result, you will find that having Densification, Inc. as part of your team will bring added value to any project.  Over the past 30 years, Densification, Inc. has successfully completed over 1,000 dynamic compaction projects across the continental United States, Alaska, and the Caribbean, while at the same time consulting on dozens of ground improvement projects around the world.


Looking for a starting point for a technical specification for dynamic compaction?  Draft language for dynamic compaction recommendations in your next geotechnical report? Stop by our resources section to see our template library and browse the dozens of technical publications on ground improvement in our library. 

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