COMPANY PROFILE Paeonian Springs, VA

Densification, Inc. is a ground improvement contracting firm, specializing in dynamic compaction. Founded in 1993, in Paeonian Springs, VA, our mission is to provide property owners and developers with an economical ground improvement alternative when poor soils or questionable fills are encountered. In Paeonian Springs, VA we believe that the best work in this industry is based on strong relationships, we work tirelessly to make the connection between geotechnical consultants, general contractors and project owners, helping to solve complex ground improvement issues along the way.

We have specialized knowledge of the dynamic compaction process gained from decades of experience on over 1,000 projects throughout the United States and abroad. Combined with decades of experience in the geotechnical consulting industry, the management at Densification, Inc. is well-versed in how to successfully complete projects on poor soils sites. Paeonian Springs, VA may be our home, however we are determined to bring our hardworking team to you in any state, even a few countries!