Bridge Point Commerce Center, Miami Gardens, Florida

As part of the ongoing e-commerce boom across the country, large-scale distribution facilities have become more critical from a supply chain standpoint. At the same time, the amount of suitable, ready-to-build sites are dwindling as development increases. In the case of the Bridge Point Commerce Center in Miami Gardens, Florida, these two issues collided, resulting in the need to construct high-end warehouse structures with substantial floor loads on a site underlain by approximately 25 feet of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill material.

In 2021, a two-phased ground improvement approach at Miami Gardens, FL was developed for the 80-acre site to address the significant geotechnical challenges. First, a dynamic compaction program was conducted across the entirety of the site to stabilize all paved areas as well as building pad locations. Following dynamic compaction, a rigid inclusion program was implemented by others in the building footprints to provide additional foundation support.