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Greenbuild Editor's Choice 2015
Resource Documents
Ground Improvement on Strip-Mined Sites: Using Dynamic Compaction to Remediate Mine Spoil Sites  
Comprehensive collection and discussion of over 90 dynamic compaction projects successfully completed on coal mine spoil sites.
How Ground Improvement Contributes to the Green Building Movement  
Discussion on the green benefits of ground improvement compared to alternative foundation alternatives.
Sample Dynamic Compaction Specification  
A sample specification for use by consultants and contractors alike; needs to be tailored to your specific project.
Sample Dynamic Compaction Geotechnical Recommendations  
Sample recommendations section for inclusion in a geotechnical engineering report.
Lessons Learned from Case Histories of Dynamic Compaction at Municipal Solid Waste Sites
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Technical paper by Dr. Dimitrios Zekkos (University of Michigan) et. Al. regarding improvement of municipal solid waste via dynamic compaction.
Geotechnical Special Publication No. 69 – Dynamic Compaction Section
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At the time of publishing, represented the state of the art with respect to dynamic compaction design.
Building the Devil’s Playground  
Case history on the innovative ground improvement program that was implemented to allow the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey to be supported on a shallow foundation system.
FHWA Geotechnical Engineering Circular No. 1 – by Robert G. Lukas  
The most-commonly used manual on design of dynamic compaction programs.
Report on Post-Densification Improvement of Soil Properties with Time  
Report by Robert G. Lukas which discusses strength gain with time with respect to dynamically-compacted soils.
December 2012 Article on Ground Improvement for Urban Fill Materials  
Article outlining potential ground improvement solutions in urban fill materials in lieu of potentially more costly deep foundation systems.
Liquefaction Mitigation at JFK Airport Using Dynamic Compaction
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Case study paper on implementation of dynamic compaction program to improve engineering quality of loose sands at JFK Airport in New York.
Delayed Soil Improvement After Dynamic Compaction  
Technical paper by Robert G. Lukas which discusses strength gain with time following a dynamic compaction operation.
Bibliography of Dynamic Compaction Papers Available in Our Library  
Current bibliography of dynamic compaction-related papers in our corporate library. Updated 8/7/2017